CrowdRise Campaign: Project Plus One Launches Fundraiser to End TB in Timor-Leste

We are excited to announce the launch of our End Tuberculosis in Timor-Leste campaign on CrowdRise. We pledge to raise a minimum of $10,000 by March 24th, 2017 in recognition of World TB Day. The fundraiser will benefit Bairo Pite Clinic’s TB program, an initiative that makes TB care flexible to the individual needs of each patient and raises awareness to keep local communities safe from infection. Learn more about the program here.

“This program has a far-reaching impact on people’s lives,” says Piyawat Sukijthamapan, CEO and co-founder of Project Plus One. “Not only are young parents and children safer and healthier, their local communities are thriving from the increased productivity — and that’s a game-changer for the country.”

Bairo Pite Clinic is a partner of Project Plus One. As part of its TB program, it hires and trains local healthcare workers to deliver TB care straight to patient homes. So far, the healthcare workers have identified and screened over 1,600 household contacts for TB, and 89% of patients have been successfully treated and cured.

CrowdRise is the No. 1 crowdfunding platform for charitable donations, founded by actor Edward Norton, film producer Shauna Robertson, and Moosejaw founders Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe. The website’s “Explore Causes” feature allows charitable givers to search and stumble upon thousands of causes that inspire them.

Visit our CrowdRise campaign here.